Medium Aevum Quotidianum

MEDIUM AEVUM QUOTIDIANUM was founded in 1982 to create and uphold the contacts between all those who are concerned with research into the daily life and the material culture of the Middle Ages. The purpose of the society which has its seat in Krems/Austria is the promotion of research on an international and interdisciplinary level.

The society serves the following purposes:

  • organization of conferences and lectures
  • publication of papers
  • coordination of international research
  • promotion of discussion through information on conferences, introduction of new research-projects, etc.
The society publishes the journal MEDIUM AEVUM QUOTIDIANUM three to four times a year which is sent free of charge to all members. It contains contributions in German, English and French. In addition to the journal, members will receive society-information on an irregular basis, as necessity requires. The other services of the society, regularly announced in its journal, will also be at the disposal of members.

Membership fees  are:

  • Austria 
    • 24 Euro per annum for individuals
    • 29 Euro per annum for institutions
  • World 
    • 26 Euro per annum for individuals
    • 31 Euro per annum for institutions

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